Rodent Pest Control

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Although Mice and Rats may not appear to be a nuisance to many people, they pose a serious risk to the health of the public as well as causing costly damage to property and homes. Many home fires are the result of Rodents chewing through electrical cables and its not rare to hear of them chewing holes in the plumbing. It is also not often mentioned that cleaning up after them can also cause serious health problems. Vaccuming or sweeping dust left behind by mouse/rat nests, droppings or urine can have serious consequences for those of a weakened immune system, children and older people due to the diseases that Rodents carry.

 Our Pest Control technician is qualified and certified to the BPCA/BASIS high standard in using Rodenticides but can also give you sound advice on assessing an infestation and once an infestation is found and dealt with, they will advise you on how to stop it from occurring again. They will also thoroughly clean any areas that have been inhabited by Rats and Mice ensuring you have a clean but also safe home.

There are many signs of a rodent infestation such as droppings, greasy rub marks, holes and gnaw marks, new holes particularly with shredded paper or cardboard nearby, and also footprints or tail marks left in dusty areas. If you identify any of the signs mentioned we recommend contacting us quickly to prevent potential spreading.