Photo of  "Belle" our Harris Hawk courtesy of Jason Willis Photography.

Bird Pest Control (Gull & Pigeon)

  SPIRIT Falconry specialises in humane pest control methods and have 10 years experience in this field. This involves not only using our birds to scare away existing pests such as gulls and pigeons without harming them, but also using preventative methods such as netting, spiking and nest removal. For more stubborn infestations we are also able to trap and remove pests creating an instant pest free environment. We do advise our clients that although our methods are very effective, long term successful solutions may require several visits over varying lengths of time to prevent re-infestation.

   All our birds are people friendly and safe to use in heavily dense public areas making us an ideal solution for schools, town/city centres, industrial sites and shopping centres.

  We are fully licensed to cover all aspects of pest control and we can offer tailored packages to suit all clients budgets and needs. Just contact us for further details or for a free initial visit and an unbeatable, non obligationary quote.