Harris Hawk

Spirit our Harris Hawk is used mainly for Pest control purposes.

Company photograph of Spirit


Harris Hawk

Belle our Harris Hawk is used for Pest control, flying and static displays, and general public handling.

Photograph of  "Belle"courtesy of Jason Willis photography.



Red-Tail Hawk

Maya our Red tailed Hawk is used for mainly flying and static displays and general public handling.

Photo of  "Maya" courtesy of Jason Willis photography.

ANGEL 1.jpg


British Barn Owl

Whisper our Barn owl is an excellent all rounder. Our most popular bird with his cheeky character, has become a firm favourite with the public and most sought after for weddings and school displays.

Photo of  "Whisper" courtesy of Jason Willis Photography.


Eurasian Eagle Owl

Sky our Eurasian Eagle Owl is again an excellent all rounder. Another firm favourite with both children and adults alike.

Photo of  "Sky" courtesy of Jason Willis photography.

Image to follow soon.........


Snowy Owl

Bomber our Snowy Owl is the newest edition to the team. Bomber is an excellent all rounder but is particularly good for Harry Potter themed events and Weddings. She is friendly and sociable and can be handled by all ages.

Image to follow soon.........


Bengal/Indian Eagle owl

Marra our Indian Eagle owl is another new member of our team who is currently in training. Were hoping he will be as much loved as the others in the team as he has a wonderful temperament and character.